Are you insured? The Deadline is 3/31/14

The Health Insurance and Affordable heath care act As of 3/31 – open enrollment ends.  After that date NO ONE can enroll in a new 2014 plan –Either in or out of  the marketplace – UNLESS they have a “qualifying event”.

What is a qualifying event?  Qualifying events will be events such as:

1. Loss of Coverage due to: Divorce- Death – Termination (employer terming a group plan or loss of group coverage due to job change or  Reduction of hours)

2. Medicare eligible – Retirement.

3.  Dependent aging off parent’s policy

4. Marriage


6.Permanent Move – causing you to lose coverage

Cancellation of an existing individual policy is NOT a qualifying event.

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Burst Forth!

Just another way to say Spring up tonight, or set your clocks up an hour! Hey you get that hour back ………enjoy the sunshine later in the day.

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Are you elgible to Win a 32 inch TV? -details below.

If you HAVE an auto and home policy with us, you are registered once. If you have an auto, home and umbrella and or life you are registered twice.  I you have an auto, home, umbrella and Life insurance with us you are registered three times! Get registered 4 TIMES by referring someone to us during the following time:

Feb. 22-March 28th 2014.

Your referrals can win too! See below.

Anyone else who does not have their insurance with us, and our customer’s referrals: During the time noted above,  if you get a quote for auto and home you will be registered once. If you get an auto and home quote, umbrella and or life quote you will be registered twice.  I you get an auto and home quote, umbrella and life quote you will be registered three times.

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